Do you find yourself googling

 "do time-outs work?"

while sitting outside your
screaming child's bedroom door? 


This guide is for you!


Parenting a challenging child can be overwhelming, exhausting, and isolating.

 They express their big feelings using tantrums, meltdowns, opposition, and anxious behaviors

Children who are highly emotional, easily triggered, and even defiant need a different style of connection!


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Sticker charts, logic and threats do not work with big-feeling kids.

Whether you have a 2-year-old or a 10-year-old, you need to speak their language in order to get them to calm, connect and cooperate with you:


The Language of PLAY!


This free video shows you 4 simple Play Therapy techniques you can use TODAY to playfully connect with and calm your emotional child and bring joy and freedom back to family life.


Learning this new way of supporting your child changes everything.


It allows you to ENJOY THE PARENTING JOURNEY rather than counting the minutes until bedtime! 

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