I help parents transform their challenging or anxious child into a cooperative, confident, and calm kid using mindful parenting practices and brain-based play therapy techniques.

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After working in childhood mental health for 15 years, I’ve realized that the current system we have in place to support families is not working. My experience as a play therapist in public school systems, private centers, community programs and my own private practice has shown me that we need to find a better way to help struggling children and parents.  

Parents are at a loss for how to support their challenging child. Kids who are easily overwhelmed by their big feelings often show their emotions through tantrums, meltdowns, opposition, anxious behaviors and even defiance. 

Parents are desperate for support for their families but finding it is near impossible. Even if they do connect to a therapist, 45 minutes once a week is not providing the lasting change they need.

So I’ve made a personal and professional commitment to teach parents how they can foster their child's coping skills and resiliency by using mindful parenting practices and effective brain based play therapy interventions at home, with daily supervision from me as they do it. As a parent, you are more important to your child than I will ever be. With guidance and support, you can have the power to move your child from chaos to calm.  

My Expertise:

Helping parents foster coping skills in their challenging child and find joy, connection and peace in their homes. 

Who I Work With:

Parents who are dedicated to doing what it takes to help their easily overwhelmed child become a happy, healthy kid who grows into a well-balanced adult. 

This includes:


Step Parents

Foster Parents



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"How To Transform Your Challenging Child into a Cooperative, Resilient Kid Using Brain-Based Play Therapy Techniques" 


I've created a free 15-minute video teaching parents how they can use mindful, play therapy skills at home to reduce their child's emotional dysregulation and foster peace, joy, and resiliency in their family life. 

Watch the free 15-minute video where I'll teach you how integrating brain-based play therapy techniques at home can create calm and cooperation.