Episode #10: Spoiled Child Syndrome

If my family had a slogan, it would be

“Have an attitude of gratitude”

Parents often ask me, in today’s consumerist culture where everything is more, more, more –

How do we avoid raising entitled, spoiled brats?

My answer is always simple – focus on appreciation.

When we pause to appreciate, our brain literally changes. Our serotonin and dopamine get a boost and we feel healthier and happier.  Happier kids are less annoying to be around too

In short, gratitude is the cheapest, most effective drug out there (unless you count my mother in laws chocolate cream pie – because that elevates me to nirvana).

On today’s “Good Enough Parenting” podcast I share six ways you can avoid creating a “gimmy monster” kid and instead show your child how to


be grateful for what they’re given

share their abundance and

think about others as much as themselves. 


Because giving thanks is more than good enough.