Episode #15:

New Year's Celebrations for the Whole Family   


Ahh New Year’s Eve. The holiday for people without children.

I have a vivid memory of celebrating New Year’s with my husband before we had kids. I may have hit the champagne a bit too hard and thrown up into a stop and shop bag on the way home while Josh Groban’s “Oh Holy Night” played on the car radio.

But those days are over.

Now the thought of letting little ones stay up until midnight makes me shiver. (parenting 101- prioritize sleep!)

But many of us still want to mark this transition from one year to the next and celebrate with our kids.

On this week’s “Good Enough Parenting” podcast, I share how you can create a New Year’s Eve ritual that the whole family can enjoy.


First we celebrate what we accomplished.

Then we release what we don’t want to carry into the New Year.

Next we set intentions for the year ahead

Finally we look forward to the celebrations to come


These practices are simple and you can do them with kids of ALL ages.


So bust out that sparkling cider and put on your party hats.


2024 is going to be more than good enough.