Episode #17:

7 Tips for Successful School Mornings


How do school mornings go in your house? Are you and your kids waking up, invigorated, ready to great the day? Do they jump out of bed, have a quick breakfast, brush their teeth and declare “I’m ready for school mom!”

Yeah, didn’t think so.

School mornings are tough. School mornings in January are THE WORST.

They’re dark, it’s cold, you’re just coming off a break and the march to spring feels like forever.

But there’s hope! On today’s “Good Enough Parenting” podcast I share “7 Tips for Successful School Mornings.”

From getting playful to using physical touch to blasting Pharrell, these are simple ways you can bring more calm and cooperation to your morning routine.

And spoiler alert – it all starts with the energy YOU bring.

So if you’d like to start your day with more smiles than screams and not pull away from drop off feeling guilty about the threats you hurled at your sleepy six year old, tune in now!