Episode #24:

Mommy Don't Go! Handling Separation Stress


Have you ever had to peel your 4 year old off your leg at daycare drop off? Or tried to convince your 7 year old that they’ll have fun at school when they’re begging you to stay home because the idea of leaving you makes them want to puke?


Separation anxiety is tough. And unfortunately many of the strategies that parents try, like being logical (“You love your teacher – you’re going to have a great day!”) or bribing (“If you don’t cry on the way to school you’ll get a cupcake!”) actually make things worse.


On today’s “Good Enough Parenting” podcast I explain why separation anxiety develops (thanks ancestors!), how to help your child understand what they’re feeling, and what to do when the dreaded moment of separation occurs.


Sneak peak: Be clear. Be calm. Be consistent. Anxiety doesn’t stand a chance when a parent speaks clearly about expectations, maintains their own calm, and holds consistent boundaries.


Tune in for my top tools for taming this common childhood struggle so that you can become the steady guide your anxious kid needs rather than getting stuck in their storm of stress.