Episode #5: Battling Burnout

If you’re a parent in 2023, you’re battling burnout. Never before have the expectations of parenting been so high with support for families so lacking.

And when we get stuck in a stress cycle, guess who suffers. Our kids. When we have nothing left to give, we’re constantly being triggered by our child’s needs. Have you ever wanted to scream or cry when you hear “Can I have a snack?” Same.

Our kids cannot feel calm with a dysregulated parent. When we scream at them because our emotional well is dry, they respond by going into fight/flight mode and showing obnoxious, defiant and disrespectful behavior.

If we’re not calm, they’re not cooperative. So this whole “taking care of yourself is taking care of your kids” thing actually tracks.

 Fortunately, you don’t need a day at the spa or a weekend retreat to get back into balance. A little attention to your own nervous system goes a long way.

Today on the “Good Enough Parenting” podcast, Carley shares 10 ways you can reduce your stress and reset your nervous system so that you can LEND YOUR CALM to your challenging kid. These are micro-fillups that take under 5 minutes. ANYONE can do them. 

Some favorites are:

*Move your body (doesn’t have to be an hour long HIIT work out! Just dancing around your living room counts)

*Find a comforting smell (bust out those fall candles!)

*Add water (a good foot soak can solve many troubles)