Episode #6: 80's Babies

Parenting has come a long way over the last four decades. We now understand that kids are not just “little adults” and don’t always respond to reason and logic, we know that FrankenBerry cereal doesn’t actually count as a serving of fruit, and we have hopefully retired the phrase “wait until your father comes home.”

But there are some things 80s parents got right. On today’s episode of “Good Enough Parenting,” Carley shares four parenting trends from the decade of slinkys and shoulder pads we should bring back:

*Benign Neglect (Think the opposite of helicopter parenting)

*Having kids fit into parents’ lives (remember running Saturday errands because that’s what was on your parent’s schedule? We spent so much time in banks and hardware stores….)

*Letting kids fail and face consequences (no more snowplow parenting!)

*Having faith in your kid’s development AND having faith in your OWN parenting instincts

 So grab a can of Slice, pump up some Culture Club and return to simpler times when kids and parents had more freedom to make missteps and mistakes – in fashion and in family life.