Episode #9: Kids & Cancel Culture 

Does the thought of “safe spaces” trigger you? Don’t click away just yet! I’m actually talking about the opposite of cancel culture.

I’m talking about making our homes a safe psychological space for our kids.

A place where they can make mistakes. Where they can say or do the wrong thing without feeling like a failure. Where they can experiment with wrongdoing without being shamed, guilted and unfairly punished.

Does your kid feel safe to screw up?

I hope the answer is yes. Because if not, if your kid doesn’t feel safe telling you the small stuff they did (like stealing the cookie or lying to their teacher) then they won’t feel safe to tell you the bigger, scarier stuff later on.

On today’s “Good Enough Parenting” podcast, I share how to be the safe space for your kid.

And why punishing them for their mistakes doesn’t lead to better behavior – it just makes them better at hiding their bad deeds.

Always choose compassion and understanding over shame and punishment –

For your kid’s mistakes and your own.